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We are a Leading Supplier of Canon & Toshiba Products to Lease in London with a wide variety of Office Equipment for Document Management and departmental productivity - Multifunction Printers for large and small offices, Super G3 Fax machines and Digital Photocopiers - available to businesses, schools and hospitals for leasing in London.

Colour Photocopiers

Canon and Toshiba range of multifunctional colour photocopiers. All your business will ever need for that professional edge where presentation is key.

Black and White Photocopiers

If a Black and White copier is what your business needs use this section to find the ideal multifunctional mono-colour machine for your office from Canon and Toshiba.

Fully Reconditioned Cheap Used Photocopiers

Exactly what you may be looking for if budget restraints call for a second-hand copier purchase or lease. This section will give you an idea of available models so best to call and check with our sales for best deals on fully refurbished multifunctional office copier machines.

Desktop Office Printer Copiers

Small and personal desktop copiers with local and network print functionality. Normally these machines can be upgraded to incorporate extra cassettes, document feeders and fax use. A highly convenient solution with a choice of multifunctionality amongst series' models.

Desktop MFDs

Multifunctional desktop machines with fax, print, copy and scan functionality. A very useful and convenient low volume solution for any small or home office.

Fax Machines

The latest fax machines from Canon and Toshiba have some very useful features and the latest fax technology for speed, quality, security and efficiency. Models have various capabilities for Print, Send, Copy and Scan multifunction.

Canon Black and White Copiers

Canon has a wide range of Mono Office Photocopiers to suit every business' individual requirements for speed, multifunctionality, finishing and document management facilities.

Canon Colour Photocopiers

The Canon Colour Printer range has multifunctional machines for all speed and function requirements: the iRC2380i is a great entry level colour photocopier with 23 colour copies per minute, to the iRC7065i with 65 pages per minute in colour. If textured media is required then the excellent C1 Printer will assist, as well as the CLC4040 and CLC5151 for professional colour output.

Toshiba Colour Photocopiers

Colour Copier machines from Toshiba exhibit high quality and speed with a notoriously robust build design. Machines such as the eStudio281c to the 451c combine speed and print quality whilst maintaining low-cost running. The 4520c series printers have an impressive feature list as well as excellent print quality and are ready built for multifunctional use.

Toshiba Black and White Copiers

A vast range of various speed multifunctional printer solutions are available in the Toshiba range of Black and White Photocopiers from the eStudio255 to the 855.

Multifunctional MFDs and Fax Machines

Many Desktop MFDs (Multifunctional Devices) can have fax machine functionality as well as the desktop convenience of low volume copying and printing and even colour scanning. Take a look in this section for what may be the ideal multifunctional desktop companion.

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If you are a London business looking for a printer, photocopier, fax machine or desktop copier for your office you can get in touch using the form below. Or for general office equipment product enquiries for the London area please use the form below then click the 'Send enquiry' button. Alternatively you can contact the sales team on 020 7635 5252.