Toshiba 523 High Volume Photocopier

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Toshiba 523 Black and White High Volume large Capacity Photocopier

Energy Star copier machine

High-volume, high-speed MFP (Multi-Functional Peripheral) performance is no longer high cost. The eSTUDIO523/603/723/853 range of network-ready Multifunction printer copiers incorporate 2nd generation Toshiba e-BRIDGE technology for rapid and reliable 52/60/72/85 ppm (pages per minute) performance while boasting surprisingly attractive initial costs and exceptionally low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). They also offer a range of additional functions for dramatically enhanced security and a selection of improvements for even more convenient operation. Blending new performance, satisfaction and reliability with 2nd generation e-BRIDGE technology, the e-STUDIO523/603/723/853 deliver true Toshiba quality for the office that seriously means business.

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View Technical Specifications for Toshiba eStudio-523 Digital Photocopier

Main Features of Toshiba eStudio523

  • Network Ready 52 ppm Printing
  • Document Centre 2nd Gen e-Bridge Multifunction - Scan, Fax, Print, Copy
  • Intuitive use LCD control panel large easy to use 1/2 VGA-size LCD touch panel and full QWERTY on-screen keyboard
  • Automatic Duplex Unit
  • e-Filing Document Management - makes them easy to share and print on demand (from machine or workstation alike)
  • Scan to PDF security encrypted
  • Plenty of upgrade potential, finishing, software, accessories
  • Friendly and secure data-handling for customised document and system access and highly secure data-storage.

Toshiba 523 - Extreme durability, exceptional reliability

Familiarity plays a big part in your team getting the most out of the office MFP. And because the e-STUDIO523/603/723/853 are each designed for surprisingly long durability, your staff can come to rely on a single advanced office product and gain a better understanding of its capabilities for further refined workflows. Furthermore, active measures have been built into the e-STUDIO523/603/723/853 to ensure less frequent visits by service technicians – further increasing uptime and building on a sense of high-level dependability.

Maximum uptime

It can be frustrating when you have to stop in the middle of a print cycle to replenish toner. The e-STUDIO523/603/723/853 range have been specially designed to make sure such a problem never occurs by allowing toner to be exchanged right in the middle of a job.

Automatic Duplex Unit boosts productivity by 100%

The advantage of an ADU (Automatic Duplex Unit) gives your office the power to produce dual-sided output, thereby saving on paper and, of course, cost. In the case of the new systems, however, advanced ADU performance also allows you to save time – producing a 100% boost in productivity with dual-sided copying and printing that can be as fast as single-sided output.

Vista compatibility

The new systems are optimised to be fully compatible with Windows Vista. Scanned documents can be saved in the XPS document format and the additional XPS printer driver is offering native support for this file type. Compatibility with Web services on devices and Plug&Play simplicity give the new systems enhanced Vista network connectivity as well.

Toshiba´s 2nd generation e-BRIDGE

The latest e-BRIDGE technology builds on the success of its predecessor's all-in-one integrated copy, print, scan and Internet fax architecture to deliver a significant acceleration in the processing of concurrent copy, print, scan and fax tasks while adding a range of further office capabilities for closer control and tighter security. The new 2nd generation e-BRIDGE technology is faster, more secure, and just as simple to use.

Toshiba Document Management - e-Filing

The standard e-Filing function (Copy to Box) simplifies the digitisation of documents – making them easy to share and print on demand from the machine or any connected workstation. The e-Filing function also offers the same versatility and convenience when dealing with optional print, fax and scanning jobs and data can be downloaded to any PC in the network through use of the standard File Downloader application or TWAIN driver.

Large, user-friendly LCD touch panel

To ensure optimal user-friendly operation, the e-STUDIO523/603/723/853 each feature a large easy to use 1/2 VGA-size LCD touch panel with large, easy-to-see buttons. Simple operation is also assisted with a set of easily recognised icons and a full QWERTY on-screen keyboard.

Scan to PDF Security encrypted

The Scan function in the new systems allows the creation of PDF files protected by password and encrypted with 40- or 128-bit keys. This means high level security for sensitive PDF documents.

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient photocopier

Toshiba e-Studio523 printer copier complies with RoHS and WEEE directives, and Energy Star for the eco-friendly business.

Toshiba eStudio523 Photocopier to Lease in London

The Toshiba 523 Black and White Office Copier is available for low-priced Service and Leasing to Business in London. To complete the Document Manager setup a range of Finishers for booklet making, saddle stitch and stapling are also available as per your business' requirements.

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