Toshiba 5520c PRO Full Colour Printer

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Toshiba e-STUDIO5520c Pro Colour Network Printer

BLI Buyers Lab 2009 Pick - Toshiba eStudio5520c PRO Colour Printer
BERTL 5 Star award for Toshiba eStudio5520c Pro Printer
Toshiba Estudio6520c PRO - Better Buy for Business Award Editor's Choice 2009
Fiery driven for faster printing
Toshiba eStudio5520c Pro is Energy Star qualified

Accelerated productivity for the office that keeps pace with your output demands - Breathtaking Colour and clarity due to superior image quality - Unsurpassed ease-of-use allows optimal multifunction operations - Ready for integration, office network ready printer.

See the eStudio5520c PRO brochure for this Fiery driven machine - and eStudio5520c PRO datasheet for technical specifications

  • High-performance output speeds in full colour and black and white.
  • Professional colour series ideally suited to frequent, high-volume colour usage.
  • Superior quality images, text, graphics and brilliant colours provide the confidence that professional expect.
  • Time-saving productivity features and a low total cost of ownership for mission critical colour applications.
  • Boost overall productivity with high quality, cost-effective colour management.
  • Professional colour multifunctional printer ideally suited for frequent, mid-volume colour usage.
  • Unprecedented quality, functionality and usability with a low total cost of ownership for mission critical colour applications.
  • 55 pages per minute in Colour, 55 ppm monochrome
  • Scan job will be processed at up to 57 scans per minute.
  • EFI Fiery System 8e Controller for faster printing
  • 2400 x 600 dpi, B&W with smoothing
  • 6,000 sheets maximum paper capacity with exclusive LCF option and long lasting consumables
  • Flexible online finishing options - multi-position stapling, saddle-stitching and hole punching

Technical Specifications for Toshiba eStudio5520c PRO Colour Printer

Print & Copy speed Colour: 55 ppm (A4), 27 ppm (A3)
B&W: 55 ppm (A4), 27 ppm (A3)
Warm-Up Time Approx. 70 seconds from low-power mode
Paper Size & Weight Cassettes: A5R-320 x 460 mm, 64-256 g/m²
Tandem LCF**: A4, 64-256 g/m²
Bypass: A6R-13” x 19”, 64-300 g/m²,
banner paper (313 x 1,200) mm, 64-256 g/m²
Paper Capacity 4 x 540 sheets (Cassettes) or 2 x 540 sheets
(Cassettes) + 2,320 sheets (Tandem LCF)**,
100 sheets (Bypass)
Maximum: 6,000** sheets with external LCF*
Automatic Duplex Up to 320 x 460 mm and 256 g/m²
Controller Type EFI Fiery System 8e, Toshiba e-BRIDGE
Memory EFI: 80 GB HDD, 512 MB (max. 1,024 MB) RAM
Interface 10/100/1000BaseT, USB 2.0 host port
Dimensions & Weight 980 x 853 x 1,540 mm (W x D x H), ~ 252 kg
Resolution Max. 600 x 600 dpi, 8 bit per channel
Max. 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, 2 bit per channel
Page Description Languages Adobe PostScript 3, Native support for PDF1.4-1.6, PDF/X, TIFFv6, PS and EPS
Supported Systems Windows 2000, Windows XP/Server2003/Vista (32/64 bit), Mac OS X (PPC & Intel)
Colour Modes Auto-Colour (ACS), Colour, B&W
Colour Settings ICC based in-RIP colour management: CMYK, RGB, CIE Lab and spot colour support, device link profile support
Resolution Max. 600 x 600 dpi, 8 bit per channel
Scan Speed Colour & B&W: Up to 77 pages/min. (300 dpi)
Document Feeder Max. 100 sheets, A5R-A3, 35-209 g/m²
Scan Modes Auto-Colour (ACS), Colour, Greyscale, B&W
File Formats JPEG, Multi/Single Page TIFF, Multi/Single Page XPS, Multi/Single Page PDF, Secure PDF, Slim PDF (high compression)
Scan Functions Scan to USB, Scan to E-Mail, Scan to File (SMB, FTP, local), Scan to e-Filing/Mailbox, Scan to Hold Queue
Resolution Scanning: 600 x 600 dpi, 10 bit per channel
Printing: 600 x 600 dpi, 8 bit per channel
2,400 x 600 dpi, B&W with smoothing
First Copy Colour: Approx. 6.5 seconds
B&W: Approx. 5.3 seconds
Zoom 25-400% (platen glass), 25-200% (RADF)
Copy Modes Text, Text/Photo, Photo, Printed Image, Map
Colour Modes Auto-Colour (ACS), Full Colour, Twin Colour, Mono Colour, B&W
Colour Settings Hue, Saturation, Colour Balance, 5 One-touch Modes, RGB Adjustment
Communication Super G3, G3 - (opt. 2nd line), Internet Fax T.37
Transmission Speed Approx. 3 seconds per page
Compression JBIG, MMR, MR, MH
Device Management Command WorkStation for monitoring and managing of print jobs, TopAccess remote administration & configuration
System Features e-Filing document server for secure storage, document distribution and Print on Demand (1 public box, 200 user boxes),
12,060 One-touch Templates for storage of personalised settings or workflows, Scan preview, Print from USB, RIP-while-print, black overprinting, composite overprinting
Accounting & Security Role Based Access, LDAP support, 1,000 department codes & 10,000 user codes, secure print,
standard data encryption, Data Overwrite Enabler*, IP address filter, port filter, support of SSL and IPsec* protocol, Scan to secure PDF
** e-STUDIO5520c PRO tandem LCF version only
Productivity and paper specifications are related to a paper size of A4 and a paper weight of 80 g/m² if not otherwise mentioned.
* Optional


Accessories for Toshiba eStudio5520c PRO

Spot-On: - 6BC45050926 Adds spot colour support to the GA-1210 Fiery Controller.

Auto Trapping: - 6BC45050927 Adds support for automatic trapping to the GA-1210 Fiery Controller

Hot Folders: 6BC45053789 - Adds support for workflow automation to the GA-1210

EFI Impose: 6BC45051747 - Imposition software for the GA-1210 Fiery Controller

EFI Secure Erase: 6BC45050924 - Data overwrite option for the print controller hard drive of the GA-1210 Fiery Controller

EFI Colour Profiler: Software package for use with the GA-1210 Fiery Controller. To create individual ICC profiles, incl. ES-1000 spectrophotometer - 6BC3000001080

GE-1170: - Imaging Acceleration Board: 6A000001048

GP-1070: Data Overwrite Enabler: 6A000001051

GS-1010: Meta Scan Enabler: 6A000001055

GS-1020: Web-Services Enabler: 6A000001057

MJ-1103: Multi-Staple Finisher: 6AH00000141

MJ-1104: Saddle-Stitch Finisher: 6AH00000160

  • Booklet Finisher
  • 50 sheet multi-position stapling
  • Saddle-stitch binding
  • 50 sheet multi-position stapling

MJ-6102E/F: Hole Punch Unit for Finisher MJ-1103 and MJ-1104: 6AH00000164 / 6AH00000145

  • Hole punch unit - 2 holes (MJ-6102E)
  • Hole punch unit - 4 holes (MJ-6102F)

MP-2504: Large Capacity Feeder: 6A000001017

  • 1 x 2,500 sheets A4

GD-1270EU: Fax Board: 6AH00000242

GC-1230: 512 MB RAM


Crystal-clear images, texts, graphics and brilliant colours at amazingly high speed

The Toshiba 5520c Pro Colour Printer System integrates effortlessly into networks and workflows to comply with the highest security and environmental standards.

Toshiba 5520c Pro Colour Printer - A new level of Image Quality

At the heart of the e-Studio5520c Pro is the latest image processing innovation. New  Toshiba e-TAIP (Toshiba Advanced Image Processing) technology and new fine grain toner produce even more brilliant colours, life-like images, crystal-clear graphics and text. Thanks to support of industry standard ICC profiles you can adjust colours to your particular needs - and reproduce your individual colour characteristics at any time. The high image quality shines on a wide variety of media, including waterproof paper. Choose paper up to 320 x 460 mm in size and up to 280 gsm in weight - or produce banners up to 1200 mm long.

Toshiba eStudio 5520c Pro Colour Printer - So easy to operate:

Easy management and workflow integration: 3rd generation e-BRIDGE technology makes effortless handling of all print, copy, scan and fax tasks. The large 8.5" Wide VGA, with a new user interface and "My Menu" function, makes for easy, intuitive and customisable operation. With the e-Filing document server you can securely store, recompile and print ducuments on demand.

Toshiba reRite: Convert Scans to Word, Excel and Adobe PDF

The optional reRite software transforms scanned documents into editable and searchable formats such as DOC, XLS, TXT or PDF

Toshiba 5520c Pro Colour Printer Scanner - Scan preview:

Check the scanned image immediately on the control panel instead of back at the PC

Toshiba 5520c Pro Print Productivity - for Black and White AND Colour output

With the new e-STUDIO5520c Pro you can print documents at speeds of 55 pages per minute in Black and White AND Colour, and your scan job will be processed at up to 57 scans per minute.

6,000 sheets maximum paper capacity and long lasting consumables

Flexible online finishing options for multi-position stapling, saddle-stitching and hole punching to give your Colour documents the professional touch and further reduce time consuming post-processing.

Toshiba 5520c Pro Full Colour Printer - High security data access and cost control

Built-in firewall and Secure PDF restrict access to the system and your data. Secure transmissions thanks to SSL and optional IPSec support. Standard AES encryption and the optional Data Overwrite Kit reliably protect your files on the hard drive. Making full use of ActiveDirectory and LDAP-Servers, Role Based Access allows for easy cost control by assigning individual print volumes to single users or groups.

Toshiba 5520c Pro Printer Machine - Model of eco-friendliness

Toshiba is committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions. Recycled materials have been used to manufacture the e-Studio5520c PRO Printer wherever possible. Energy Star and the European RoHS directive for preventing the introduction of hazardous substances into the environment are but a few of the stringent national and international standards the new e-Studio photocopiers comply with. The e-Studio 5520c PRO serves as an eco-friendly, energy efficient colour printer copier for the modern green business.

Toshiba eStudio5520c PRO Photocopier to Lease in London

The Toshiba 5520c Full Colour Office Printer is available for low-priced Service and Leasing to Business in London. To complete the Document Manager setup a range of Finishers for booklet making, saddle stitch and stapling are also available as per your business' requirements.

Toshiba eStudio 5520c PRO - 3rd Generation e-BRIDGE

Processing power and external networking capabilities are greatly expanded for peak colour productivity. Major features are:

  • Colour 55ppm data processing
  • Powerful 867MHz PowerPC CPU
  • 1.5GB DDR2 Memory (total)
  • 10/100 Base-T network equipped
  • Serial ATA2 interface with 80GB HDD
  • New image/data processing ASIC
  • An array of other advanced new functions
  • Open architecture external system/application connection
  • Optional Imaging Acceleration Board

Various Finishers for the 5520c PRO Colour Printer

Users have a flexible choice of finisher units to satisfy wide ranging requirements.
The multi-stapling finisher MJ-1101 provides high performance, accurate stapling and punching.
The saddle-stitch finisher MJ-1030 delivers professional bookbinding easily in addition to stapling and punching.
The new hanging type finisher MJ-1031 is compact and inexpensive. It allows users to get finishing even with low budget and narrow space restrictions.

Toshiba 5520c PRO Colour Printer - Environmentally friendly and energy efficient photocopier

Complies with RoHS and WEEE and Energy Star for the eco-friendly business. The Toshiba 5520c PRO Colour Machine is an Energy Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Copier qualified by the Energy Star programme. 

Contact us about the Toshiba eStudio5520c PRO Colour Printer

If you wish to enquire about the Toshiba 5520c PRO Printer machine for price info, demonstration or lease options please use the form below then click the 'Send enquiry' button. Alternatively you can contact the sales team on 020 7635 5252.

Toshiba Recommended Printer Awards from BLI & BERTL for eStudio5520c PRO

10.09.09 - BLI PICK OF THE YEAR 2009

BLI Buyers Pick Award for Toshiba eStudio5520c Colour PrintersToshiba's e-STUDIO6530c printer series has been awarded the Buyers' Lab Pick of the Year 2009.

Download the BLI Pick Of The Year 2009 Certificate for Toshiba eStudio6530c.


Toshiba 5520c PRO receives Better Buy for Business Award Editor's Choice 2009Better Buys for Business Inc, who endorse MFPs in the USA have awarded the e-STUDIO6530c series of colour MFPs with their Editor's Choice Award.

Editors Choice Award 2009: Toshiba eStudio5520c/6520c/6530c/5520c PRO/6520c PRO/6530c PRO

05.06.09 - BERTL'S BEST 2009 - E-STUDIO6530C SERIES

Bertl's Best 2009 Award for Toshiba eStudio5520c PRO Colour PrintersBest Light Production Colour MFP Range: e-STUDIO5520c/6520c/6530c

Download the BERTL Best Certificate for Toshiba 6530c Best Light Production Colour MFP range.


BERTL awards 5 star exceptional awards to Toshiba 5520c Colour PrinterBERTL awards 5 star Exceptional awards to the Toshiba 6530c series: eStudio5520c/6520c/6530c.

BERTL Toshiba eStudio5520c Certificate / BERTL Toshiba eStudio5520c Lab Report

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  • B&W: 65 ppm (A4), 30 ppm (A3)
  • Easy to use multifunction operations
  • EFI Fiery-driven for super fast printing speeds
  • Ultra high quality printing, 2400 x 600 dpi with smoothing

High Quality Full Colour PrinterToshiba eStudio6530c PRO - 65 ppm Full colour Network Printer / 75 ppm Black and White (A4)

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  • Ultra high quality printing, 2400 x 600 dpi with smoothing


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