Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme

Carbon-offsetting for the Office with Toshiba Photocopiers and the Carbon Zero Scheme in association with Offset the Carbon footprint of your Toshiba Office MFP Printer with the Carbon Zero Scheme

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Make Your Office Carbon Neutral with Toshiba Multifunctional Photocopiers and the Carbon Zero Scheme

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Offsetting the Carbon Footprint of your MFP

If you have already offset your MFP you will see this validation stamp on your machine.
Carbon Zero Photocopier validation stamp


Carbon Offset CertificateIf you are taking part in the Carbon Zero Scheme you can also download a certificate for further authenticity. "This is to certify that the Carbon Footprint of your MFP plus the first million pages has been offset."


If you are currently taking part in the Toshiba Carbon Offsetting Scheme you can see the locations of the cooking stoves which your contribution has helped to support in Google Earth. To do so, please download this file: The African Energy Efficient Stove Project and open in Google Earth to view.


Contact us about Carbom offsetting your Toshiba Office PhotocopierIf you would like to offset your existing Toshiba MFP, or are interested to purchase a new Toshiba e-STUDIO MFP, please contact us to find out how.